Traveltimes - motorways (DATEX II v3.3)

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Content Information

Name of dataset: Traveltimes - motorways (DATEX II v3.3)
Description of dataset: Traveltimes on motorways in main directions in DATEX II v3.3 format
Category: Traffic Data, Real-Time Traffic Information DR 2022/670
Resource type: service
Dataset type category: B-1
Dataset detailed type EC Del. Reg.:
Service type category: information service
Dataset language: slv eng
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Access information

Data Format - Encoding: UTF 8
Data Format - Syntax: XML
Data Format - Grammar: XSD
Data Format - Data model:DATEX II Profile
Data format description: DATEX II v3.3
Access interface - Application layer protocol: HTTP HTTPS
Communication method: Pull
Access URL

Metadata Information

Metadata date: 4/25/2023 5:36:37 AM +00:00
Metadata language: eng

Temporal Information

Start date of publication: 12/21/2022 9:01:00 AM +00:00
End date of publication:

Transportation system

Transportation modes covered: personal - car personal - truck personal - motorcycle

Quality information

Update frequency: Up to 1 min
Quality assessment: N/A
National Body Assessment Status: N/A


Name: NCUP
Organisation Name: NCUP
Address: Dragomelj 116, 1230 Domžale
Telephone number: 01 478 85 10

Contact Point

Name: DARS
Organisation Name: DARS
Address: Ulica XIV. divizije 4, 3000 Celje
Telephone number: 03 426 40 71
Description: Družba za avtoceste v Republiki Sloveniji (DARS d.d.)

Condition for use

Contract or licence: no licence - no contract